Geenio is SaaS platform for creating interactive online courses and managing the complete learning process starting from content authoring and collaboration, courses assignment and analysis of the results and ending with custom branding, structure and permission set specific to an organization.




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Geenio is a complete all-in-one platform for authoring e-learning courses and managing the learning process within an organization. It features all the necessary tools to create interactive online courses with multimedia content, knowledge assessment, and non-linear structure.

Geenio provides a framework for collaborative content authoring and for reviewing the learning content prior to publishing the courses.

Courses may be assigned to groups of users or individual users either as mandatory learning goals with deadlines or as optional self-study materials. Comprehensive statistics allow you to monitor various indicators of the learning process and identify knowledge gaps, assess the strengths and weaknesses of both individual students and groups, and gauge the effectiveness of educational programs.

Users can create separate Geenio sites for each of their business directions, partners, or customers, each with distinct branding and settings.

Geenio can be used both to drive online education within a company, and to provide instructional design services to customers.

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